Allianz Parque

Allianz Parque: the most modern multi-use complex in Latin America

The Allianz Parque (New Arena) was designed to be one of the world’s best multi-use arenas, able to offer a unique experience to its users with soccer games, mega concerts, corporative events, stores, restaurants, food court and much more that will turn the former Palestra Italia into a Multi-use Arena build 100% on FIFA 2014 standards.


Exclusive rooms in two different points of the Allianz Parque with a privileged vision to games and concerts, offering a differentiated, buffet service, an area for events and an outstanding atmosphere for networking.

Multi-use Building

In this building will be the Club´s administration office, gym to practice Olympic Gymnastics and even a restaurant. The sports complex, administrative and leisure areas, has six elevators and a privileged view of the city´s region.


With a privileged view of the field, the Allianz Parque restaurant will be open every day to welcome supporters and fans also in soccer games, concerts & events.

Parking Lot

Covered, it has a capacity for up to 2,000 cars, with motorcycle-exclusive spaces and a bycicle rack.


Unique in São Paulo, this area will receive several options of concerts and shows for audiences of up to 12,000 people in a covered environment.

Multi-Sport Building

There is a modern gymnasium with capacity for 1,500 fans and a society Field on the top that gives a privileged view of the city. Two other intermediate floor with multi sports gymnasium are part of the sports complex which still has six dressing rooms.

Media Center

Designed to serve up to 1,000 media professionals covering major sport and entertainment events, with all the necessary infrastructure.

Convention Center

A space with capacity for up to 1,500 people, with a modular structure allowing different formats for social and corporate events.

Mega Concerts

The “Allianz Parque” will be able to host mega concerts for up to 60,000 spectators with a schedule developed with the largest and most successful operator of arenas in the world: AEG.

Stadium Access (Stairs)

Stairs going from the ground floor to the 5th floor of the Arena, help to achieve a total evacuation time in less than 10 minutes, this model is already adopted in the most modern arenas in the world. One of the accesses has elevators and escalators.


43,600 covered seats, Fifa's standard.


A glorious history of Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, registered in a genuine multimedia space with pictures, videos, uniforms and a trophy and memorabilia gallery, such as in the world’s most modern memorials.


There are 160 private boxes with capacity for over 2,800 people with exclusive spaces, with a wide supply of services and a privileged view of games, concerts and events.
Infrastructure capable of receiving different kinds of events
43,600 covered seats
160 boxes for 2.800 people
Amphitheater with a total capacity for 12.000 people
Parking for up to 2.000 vehicles
Press Area for 1.000 professionals
Restaurants, food court and 20 snack bars
2 dressing rooms in FIFA standards
15 elevators and 3 sets of escalators
Convention Center
Sporting goods Store
Memorial with the main characters and moments in the history of Palmeiras


The Allianz Parque is in a privileged location: the city of São Paulo, the economic heart of Latin America. Located between the neighborhoods of Perdizes and Água Branca, the most green and white (Palmeiras' colors) in the city, the Allianz Parque is next to the Palmeiras Barra Funda subway station, the Água Branca train station and to diverse bus lines, that together sum up more than 50 different itineraries. To ease the lives of those that are driving, besides the Allianz Parque's parking lot with a capacity for 1,500 people, the shopping centers nearby offer, together, more than 4,800 parking spots. The car flux in game days and big events is not a problem because the Allianz Parque possesses easy access to the Marginal Pinheiros, Marginal Tiete and other highways.

As if all that wasn't enough, the Allianz Parque is just 4 km away from Paulista Avenue and 5 km from downtown São Paulo. There's more: there are nine 5-star hotels in a 6 km radius; more than 8,000 hospital beds in a radius of 5 km; and Congonhas airport is 13 km away while Cumbica Airport is 30 km away.

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Congonhas Airport is 13 km away and Cumbica Airport is 30 km away
More than 8,000 hospital beds in a radius of 5km
Nine 5-star hotels within a radius of 6 km
Next to Palmeiras - Barra Funda subway station
Parking lot for 1,500 people in the Arena and 4,800 spots in two shopping malls